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Turn Of Low Disk Space Windows Xp

Mandailing Natal - Turn Of Low Disk Space Windows Xp - Annoyed by the Low disk space warning that comes in the tray icon whenever your disk runs out of space ? Do you want to turn of the Low disk space warning ? Open your registry editor by typing " REGEDIT " in the run prompt . Navigate as follows : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ Explorer . Now Right Click in the right pane , Click New -> Dword and name it as NoLowDiskSpaceChecks . Double-click on NoLowDiskSpaceChecks , and enter the value as 1, and press OK. Thats it . From now on you wont get annoying Low disk space error .

Defragmenting in Windows XP

Mandailing Natal - Defragmenting in Windows XP First of all make sure you have enough time to complete the defragmentation, the amount of time will depend on how much use your PC has had since the last defragmentation. To start the defrag utility, click on the Start button, then hover your mouse over all programs , then hover over Accessories , then hover over System Tools , then click on Disk Defragmenter . This will start the defrag utility, you will see the defrag dialogue box as shown in figure In our example in figure we have just one hard drive, if you have more than one hard drive then it will be visible in the window. The next step is to highlight the drive you wish to defragment (one left click on the drive), then click on the Analyze button, this will check the selected drive for fragmentation, the utility will then tell you whether the drive needs defragmenting or not. If the drive needs defragmenting simply click the Defragment button, once clicked the utility will beg